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We all know leather is a powerful partner to the creative industry. So we're very pleased to welcome METCHA, a digital-based magazine that will cover the most compelling stories within the design, art, fashion and lifestyle worlds – and how leather helps generate some of the m...
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With the ongoing tutorials the Peter Nitz Leather School can learn you all aspects of leather crafting and leatherworking, carefully developing your talents so you can create exquisite bespoke luxury bags and leathergoods of your own. New leather craft masterclass tutorials w...
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A+B Hides was founded through the merger of two medium sized hide trading and processing companies, each with over 60 years of history. In 4 plant locations about 100 employees collect hides throughout all of Germany and process them for the international leather production. ...
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Constantly pushing the boundaries of leather craft, unorthodox methods are woven with age old hand-finishing techniques to explore new ways of living with leather.  We create something beautiful, pieces that last for generations and actually get better with age. Known as th...
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Vesile Yilmaz is a traditional Ebru artist from Turkey, based in Wisconsin. Vesile describes Ebru as an art that is mesmerizing, meditative and meaningful that allows you to create mind blowing patterns with one drop of paint at a time!
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Design-A-Bag (DAB) online competition is the only bag designing event of its kind for designers and design students all over the world.
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Founded in 2017 by Christal Earle, we are focused on creating fashion with upcycled materials and ethical, small scale production. Our handcrafted shoes have up-cycled tire soles and all accessories are hand crafted from reclaimed leather from aircraft seats and other sources. 
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It’s accessible, enjoyable and great exercise – so make sure you’re kitted out for walking with the right boots for the job.  
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Be it the processing of the leather cutting, complaint and complaint management, customer service training or leather repair and maintenance. 20 years of experience paired with technical sales knowledge from an expert source.     Leather workshops Leather repair and mai...
In 1984, having been Managing Director at Alma Leather, Raymond Farbey left to set up his own business, Formlet. Bringing in his closest friend, Malcolm Proops, they continued to grow the business together.  In 1988, Formlet, following large international success, merged wit...
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Outdoor brands have been adopting a repair and reuse mindset for some years- now that luxury brands are taking notice has it gone mainstream?
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The Leather and Hide Council of America has published a powerful fact sheet that makes clear the waste impact of letting hides go to waste
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To learn more about the different properties of leather, see our fact sheet, Why Use Leather Leather is a By-Product Animals are not raised to make leather. The cattle, sheep, goats or pigs that provide the hides and skins raw material for the majority of leather goo...
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With all these changes leather-working got put on the back burner. It remained in the back of my mind, but it wasn ’ t until COVID 19 and the lockdowns that I returned to it. In March of 2020, the restaurant I worked at temporarily closed due to restrictions. I found myse...
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Research commissioned by the US leather industry used 25 years of government data to reach its findings.
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Coach is a brand long associated with premium leather and now its Upwoven bags are an exciting concept on the journey to zero waste.  
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As the Olympics open on 23rd July 2021, so does bidding on a pair of rare prototype Nike track shoes.
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Nicola Davies searches out the best sneaker customisers in London
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A new animation from Meat & Livestock Australia presents a clear explanation of the carbon cycle.
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Watch here:!AqV63_mUzv5w2AqQ8otjIHEVBfRv?e=w6Gcdt You can download the Agenda here
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She holds an MA in Fashion design from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts and she is a Research Associate in the Department of Fashion at Central Saint Martins. Currently a Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology at the Smithsonian National Museum ...
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Bentley leads the way for responsible leather use in the automotive supply chain
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Daniel Essa had to leave Syria and became a refugee. He went to France, built up his own sneaker brand and is now selling his shoes all over the world. 
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Nike has released a preview of the Jordan brand Holiday 21 collection and it’s everything you want.
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The Executive Committee of the IULTCS has announced that applications for the 2022 grants to be awarded to two young scientists  under the age of 35 are now being accepted.
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How did you get into making footwear? Having graduated from De Montfort University with a First Class BA Honours in Footwear Design, I am now working for R.E. Tricker’s following an internship here in the summer of 2015, as their first ever female Bespoke Shoemaker.  ...
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It’s time to tackle the misinformation that’s out there about the use of leather in cars
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Real Leather. Stay Different interviews Jay Jensen, boss of the Southwest Hide Co.
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The leather industry calls on COP26 to prioritise natural materials
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  LONG LASTING Good leather ages well and lasts Well made leather lasts a long time and unlike most man-made, or synthetic materials it gets better with age, acquiring a depth of patina and wear pattern that is individual to the user - much like a favourite pair of jean...
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PUMA pilots testing for a biodegradable RE:SUEDE version of its most iconic sneaker.
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One4Leather on the benefits of leather in achieving the custom finish of your dreams.
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That first collection quickly sold out and we have grown slowly and carefully from there – I am from a family of entrepreneurs, so business was always in my DNA. We are now a global brand with our own stores, including The Village in London, which is a new 5 store retail conce...
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New research uncovers the consumer understanding of leather and its place in a society committed to making better choices for the environment.
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New research uncovers the consumer understanding of leather and its place in a society committed to making better choices for the environment.
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LN: Can you say something about the history of your company or your work, what inspired you to enter this field? I started my journey nine years ago when I discovered that I couldn't find a decent bracelet for my first expensive watch. So, as a handyman, I decided to make...
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Watch and listen back to our first Coffee Break Webinar organised by ILM (International Leather Making) where Dr Luis Zugno presented a briefing on the recently launched guide to “Modern Leather Making”. Furthermore, this event was an opportunity for attendees to engage wi...
/Events-Media/Events-Webinars/Past/Webinar-–-Coffee-Break 3/3/2022 12:37:52 PM
Three finalists of the Design-A-Bag-Competition 2022 Revealed!
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Finalist-Announced-Design-A-Bag-competition-2022 3/28/2022 12:00:00 AM
LN: Tell us first everything about your background and then all about your love for clogs? When I was growing up I spent a lot of time in my Dad’s factory learning how shoes were made then while doing my degree in Footwear design at Leicester Polytechnic I was inspired to...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Meet-the-Maker-–-Jackie-loves-clogs 4/8/2022 11:48:54 AM
TUESDAY, MARCH 8,  5:00 p.m. (ZOOM)  “Radio-carbon as a measure of quantification of the circularity of materials” By Gustavo a Defeo. The conference is available on the AAQTIC YouTube channel TUESDAY, MARCH 22 , 5:00 p.m. (ZOOM)  Short seminar - Distance mode:  "Chro...
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My haptic sculptures represent many things to different eyes. I wish my pieces to be an indulgence for the senses, and re-create the feeling of discovering a new object or texture, taking the viewer back to a memory, time or place. By fusing the flexibility of leather with h...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Fflur 11/16/2020 9:45:48 AM
Tom Hogarth, Deputy Editor of International Leather Maker asks why new materials don’t champion their credentials over plastic.
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Where does leather come from - are animals raised to make leather? NO The hides and skins of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs are a by-product of the food industry, which if not used to make leather will go to landfill.  Is leather sustainable?  YES Leather as a raw ma...
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The five key processes of leather-making There are many different types of leather and therefore many variants on the manufacturing process but in the main it can be broken down into these key operations. Cleaning Tanning Retanning Milling Finishing Hides and ...
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WAS WIR TUN Leather Naturally ist ein gemeinnütziger Industrie-Mitgliedsverband, der sich auf die Information zu und Förderung von Leder konzentriert.  Leather Naturally fördert die Verwendung von weltweits, nachhaltig hergestelltem Leder und versucht, Designer, Schöpfer un...
/New/Start 4/20/2022 3:32:46 PM
Eu me chamo Will Pedrosa, sou um designer e artesão Brasilieiro. Pai de três filho, Kalani, Maya e Isabel, casado com Fernanda. Apaixonado por esportes, sushi, açaí e café. Describe the activity of your company / work Currently I work as a hand-made leather accessories ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Will-Pedrosa 8/9/2022 1:02:44 PM
Who is this course for? This 5-day practical bag pattern cutting and introduction to leather craft course is ideal for all experience levels, from beginners to confident makers. A perfect introduction into the pattern cutting skills and leather skills you’ll need to create a...
/Events-Media/Courses/Upcoming/Introcution-To-Leather-Craft-And-Pattern-Cutting 9/19/2022 12:56:31 PM
Nothing to Hide looks at the falling use of water in tanneries.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Reducing-water-use-in-tanneries 9/13/2022 12:00:00 AM
Meet the first female leather professor Prof. Dr. Eser Eke Bayramoglu.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Meet-the-first-female-leather-professor 10/10/2022 12:00:00 AM
Working with discarded sneakers you get a variety of leathers, suedes, and synthetics to work with, which can be difficult as everything has different thicknesses and stretches.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Interview-Helen-Kirkum 10/11/2022 12:00:00 AM
Follow and join the conversation on our Socials as well. Instagram @leather_naturally    LinkedIn   @leathernaturally    Facebook   @leathernaturaly Twitter   @leathernaturaly
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Read the point of view of OWNEVER's CEO Eliana Barros. She shares with us their stand for ethical production using leather design as a canvas for a gender equality statement.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/OWNEVER 10/27/2022 12:00:00 AM
International Student Design Competition Crowns Winner
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Real-Leather-Stay-Different-Crowns-Winner 11/3/2022 12:00:00 AM
The International Leather Industry calls on COP27 to recognize the role that natural materials such as leather, have in addressing the challenges of climate change.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/COP27-OUR-MATERIALS-AFFECT-OUR-CLIMATE 11/10/2022 12:00:00 AM
COSA FACCIAMO Leather Naturally è un'associazione senza scopro di lucro, formata da operatori della filiera pelli, che si concentra sull'istruzione e sulla promozione della pelle. Promuoviamo l'uso di una pelle sostenibile prodotta a livello globale e cerchiamo di ispirar...
/IT/Home 11/21/2022 11:22:45 AM
In the November news - The Textile Exchange has released the definition of "leather".
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Textile-Exchange-adopting-the-term-leather 11/10/2022 12:00:00 AM
Our Company ethos will always be: Provence, Transparency and Sustainability in the supply of quality leather from the finest Tanneries around the World.
/Our-Story/Our-members/A-A-Crack-Sons-Ltd 12/7/2022 4:46:14 PM
How leather can contribute in deforestation
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/WWF-–-The-role-leather-has-to-play-against-defores 12/14/2022 12:00:00 AM
Tell us something more about your background... I started out when I was younger with a 2 year carpentry and joinery apprenticeship in London. This is where I learnt to work with my hands. I mostly used hand tools, which I much preferred to machines. It gave me a sense of...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Philip-Jury-Leathercraft-Masterclass 12/14/2022 3:57:18 PM
Leather was life-changing for Deni: it makes you visible, seen, heard and respected.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/How-leather-was-life-changing-for-Deni 11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM
INFORM Leather Naturally publishes series of straightforward fact sheets containing information about leather and leather manufacturing.  All are available as downloads for use by educators, students, press and anyone that wants to gain access to transparent information abo...
/Our-Story/About-LN 4/8/2020 4:13:57 PM
Do you have questions about the film Slay?
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/SLAY-a-balanced-view 1/17/2023 12:00:00 AM
Building trust with consumers and understanding what they want to know.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Building-Trust-With-Consumers 2/22/2023 12:00:00 AM

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First published in Leatherbiz , this insightful article by David Peters questions the hypocrisy that suround some materials and clearly sets out the sustainabilaity of a modern and responsible leather industry.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/z 11/2/2017 12:00:00 AM
LEATHER NATURALLY PRESS ENQUIRIES Leather Naturally is a not-for-profit, industry members association that focuses on education and the promotion of leather.  Press enquiries, please contact us through [email protected] or complete the form.
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Meet the Makers These are the people who transform leather into something you have to have. Their passion, dedication and commitment, woven together to create the best leather items in the world.
/Our-Story/The-Makers 4/22/2020 4:03:15 PM
/Education/Leather-Library 5/19/2020 4:49:43 PM
Founded in 1978, Acexpiel is the body of experts that defends and promotes the quality, innovation and creativity of the Spanish tanning industry at home and abroad through promotions and special offers, thus strengthening and consolidating the reputation of Spanish tanners. ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/ACEXPIEL 4/24/2020 12:54:48 PM

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/Education/Videos/Sustainability/Sustainability-by-CICB-Brazil 4/30/2020 8:48:35 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/Hermes-Luxury-is-that-which-can-be-repaired 4/30/2020 8:56:05 AM

/Education/Videos/Fun/Making-Baseballs 4/30/2020 9:05:13 AM
The Berlin label was founded in 2018 by Nina Conrad, Dana Mikoleit and Pia Held. As an interdisciplinary team with a unified vision, their goal is to create more awareness for the responsible manufacture of leather goods and allow a more mindful consumer behaviour while a...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/LEIT-HELD 2/3/2021 5:43:15 PM

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By Stephen Sothmann,  Real Leather. Stay Different.  - a campaign to promote the sustainable qualities of leather and champion slow style over fast fashion.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Use-it-or-lose-it-the-UK-leather-specialists-turni 4/20/2021 12:00:00 AM
 A brand new car still has an unprecedented magic. Especially if the car has a leather interior.  
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Feature-Porsche-Boxster-–-25th-Anniversary 5/31/2021 12:00:00 AM
Moore & Giles also crafts a collection of luxury leather bags and accessories as an additional avenue to showcase the inherent beauty and timeless appeal of its natural leathers. Sold at fine retailers across the country and online on the Moore & Giles website, this col...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Moore-Giles 6/17/2021 9:43:21 AM
The Leather & Hide Council of America targets zero waste and transparent supply chain as it fights fast fashion and champions slow style
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/LHCA-Earth-Day-Pledge 4/22/2021 12:00:00 AM
An online magazine that will inspire and inform about the exciting leather makers and creators working in the UK today.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Leather-UK-launches-online-showcase 7/8/2021 12:00:00 AM
An Overview of Leather Leather is one of the most versatile materials known. This is due to the unique arrangement of complex natural fibres that give the variations on the different types of hides and skins. Chemical and physical processes are tailored to give specific pr...
/Education/Fact-Sheets/Benefits/Why-use-leather-The-characteristic-and-properties 5/11/2020 3:04:56 PM
Why are the bags & accessories of Il Bisonte so revolutionary? Read the remarkable story of this artisan company situated in the heart of Florence.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Il-Bisonte-(1) 10/25/2021 12:00:00 AM
Steve Sothmann of Real Leather, Stay Different looks at the advantages of brands investing in regenerative leather.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Regenerative-Leather-when-recycle-becomes-renew-an 12/20/2021 12:00:00 AM
METCHA Powered by Leather Naturally, METCHA is a platform that inspires. Telling the most compelling stories from the world of sneaker culture, covetable interiors, aspirational automative, sustainability, fashion and lifestyle, it shines a spotlight on the subjects an...
/Latest/Inspiration 4/8/2020 3:01:34 PM
Leather Working Group has announced that BMW has become the second car manufacturer worldwide to join.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/BMW-Group-joins-Leather-Working-Group-–-for-re-(1) 2/17/2022 12:00:00 AM

/Images/VDL 4/20/2022 3:34:26 PM

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/leathertruthfully/images/q1 5/18/2022 12:39:55 PM
LONG LASTING Good leather ages well and lasts Well made leather lasts a long time and unlike most man-made, or synthetic materials it gets better with age, acquiring a depth of patina and wear pattern pattern that is individual to the user - much like a favourite pair of j...
/About-Leather/Properties-of-leather 5/13/2020 2:26:56 PM
Steve Sothmann of Real Leather. Stay Different sets out a guide to the different ways that leather Is made in clear, easy to understand terms.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/How-to-achieve-the-perfect-tan 4/28/2022 12:00:00 AM
How a local partnership transformed waste into beautful and long-lasting product.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/How-the-different-links-in-the-supply-chain-collab 6/6/2022 12:00:00 AM
It is our mission at Leather Naturally to promote the use of sustainable leather for the long-term good of the planet, together with a clear understanding of how it is made and the benefits of using it. Check out our mission > What Defines ‘Real Leather’? Leather is ...
/Education/Fact-Sheets/Guides/Leather-leather-alternatives-a-guide-to-labelling 5/11/2020 3:07:57 PM
Content There are three key tanning methods used to make leather: Chrome Tanning Vegetable Tanning Chrome-free Tanning  Chrome Tanning  About 75% of leather made today is chrome tanned. The process uses trivalent chromium (Cr III), which is a safe substance ...
/Education/Fact-Sheets/Manufacturing/Summary-of-the-different-types-of-tanning 5/11/2020 3:08:43 PM
What will you learn? Leather types and performance Quality performance specifications Leather value supply chain. Make and creatively finish your own leather Test your own leather. Who can attend? Fashion students Design students Recent graduates. CPD for tho...
/Events-Media/Courses/Upcoming/Creative-Leather-Applications 6/13/2022 9:27:24 AM
WHAT WE DO Leather naturally is a not-for-profit industry members association that focuses on education and the promotion of leather. We promote the use of globally manufactured sustainable leather and seek to inspire and inform designers, creators, and consumers about its b...
/Home 4/8/2020 2:51:41 PM
By Stephen Sothmann, Real Leather. Stay Different. – a campaign to highlight the benefits of sustainably sourced and produced leather.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/The-older,-the-better-Why-leather-deserves-slo-(1) 8/3/2022 12:00:00 AM
Leather and Hide Council of America partners with the African Leather and Leather Products Institute to launch Real Leather. Stay Different. African Talent Leather Design Showcase 2023 (RLSD African Showcase ’23
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Real-Leather-Stay-Different 10/3/2022 12:00:00 AM
The Executive Committee of the IULTCS is pleased to announce the 2023 grants to be awarded to three young scientists.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/IULTCS-Young-Leather-Scientist-Grant-Programme-(1) 10/11/2022 12:00:00 AM
What inspired you to choose this as a career? My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all shoemakers from the iconic Timberland company, so making boots is just in my blood. But what I’m personally most passionate about, and what inspired me to launch Erem, is ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Erem 8/26/2022 10:00:05 AM
“More than a new line of bags: Our products tell a story.”
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Marai-Our-products-tell-a-story 11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM
A ‘Leather for Life’ tag will be available to all UK leather and leathergoods manufacturers.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Leather-UK-launches-swing-tag-initiative 1/17/2023 12:00:00 AM
How one baseball glove came to represent its owners teenage years.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/The-story-behind-the-glove 2/17/2023 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_6850-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:50 PM
China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), co-organiser with APLF of the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) has published specification around the use of the word 'Leather' at the forthcoming event.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/CLIA-Regulates-Use-of-Leather 7/25/2019 12:00:00 AM
MPA published an Q&A about the mission of Leather Naturally. Read the interview with Debbie Burton - Head Communications of Leather Naturally 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Q-A-Understanding-Leather-(1) 11/30/2020 12:00:00 AM
  How's the course going to be structured?  Participants select hand-designed, embroidered and tailored leather glove style of their choice.  Depending on the selection available on my site , you choose the leather colour, the type of lining and measu...

/Latest 4/8/2020 2:54:18 PM

/Latest/Social-Media 4/8/2020 3:02:16 PM
Press Releases
/Events-Media/Press-Releases 4/28/2020 3:49:26 PM
Australian Hide, Skin and Leather Exporters Association Inc (AHSLEA) is a voluntary trade Association whose membership comprises the major exporters of Australian cattle hides, calf skins, sheep and lamb skins, kangaroo skins and goat skins. The members handle product from raw...
/Our-Story/Our-members/AHSLEA 4/24/2020 6:07:44 AM
Combining leather with synthetic and textile materials is not an uncommon design process, but how common is the knowledge of the leather manufacturing process? The more we understand the development and evolution of the leather manufacturing process, the more we enjoy its nat...
/Events-Media/Events-Webinars/Past/Webinar-The-Digital-Material-Show-(1) 10/5/2020 12:32:58 PM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/Vegetable-Tanning-process-in-Tuscany 4/30/2020 7:54:01 AM

/Education/Videos/Sustainability/Exploring-Italian-Leather-Sustainability-by-UNIC 4/30/2020 8:48:48 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/World-s-Most-Expensive-Bag 4/30/2020 8:56:21 AM

/Education/Videos/Fun/How-are-NFL-Footballs-Made 4/30/2020 9:05:59 AM
I have been always connected to nature, trying to enjoy it from a respectful perspective. Both pillars, curiosity and nature are driving my work designing from a sustainable and innovative point of view.  Through the last 5 years I have been working for a wide range of dif...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Javier-Albanil-Mogollon 1/20/2021 3:22:20 PM
Thoughtful jewelry and home decor pieces carefully handcrafted exclusively from leather scraps.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Interview-WaiWai 4/15/2021 12:00:00 AM
Vegan leather (sic) does not exist. It is a marketing term used to describe materials, (or leather imitations) that are often plastic or derived from finite fossil-fuel.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/What-is-vegan-leather 6/22/2021 12:00:00 AM
Leather is a by-product  The majority, (approximately 99%) of the world’s leather is a by-product of the food and wool industry with the main sources being cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. It’s important to note that none of these animals are raised in order to make leather ...
/Education/Fact-Sheets/Manufacturing/Where-does-leather-come-from 5/11/2020 3:08:31 PM
My mission with Hands of Tym is to share the joy I find in the magic of creating bags and my love and passion for crafting with leather. Through teaching face to face classes from my workshop in Oxfordshire where you craft your own ‘Bag in A Day’; in posting you a DIY bag...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Hands-of-Tym 10/4/2021 3:59:15 PM

/leathertruthfully/images/q2 5/18/2022 12:40:03 PM

/leathertruthfully/images/q1-(1) 5/18/2022 12:40:28 PM
Sections  1. Environmental compliance  2. Wastewater and other waste  3. Chemicals  4. Social/Labor  5. Energy usage  6. Water usage  7. Hide Traceability  Section 1: Environmental Compliance  How are Tanneries Regulated for Environmental Responsibility?  ...
/Education/Fact-Sheets/Environment/The-Sustainability-of-Leather-FAQ 6/4/2020 3:07:51 PM
  American style leather A generic description for leathers that have a natural, rugged and often oily look and feel.  Aniline leather   Leather with a minimal surface finish and that has the original natural grain surface clearly visible. These leathers usually...
/Education/Fact-Sheets/Guides/Leather-Terminology 5/11/2020 3:08:09 PM
LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® is an internationally standardised testing and certification system for leather and leather goods at all production levels, including accessory materials. The certification supports companies along the supply chain...
/About-Leather/Certification 4/8/2020 4:03:14 PM
Gärsnäs is a brand that has been around for 127 years and still manages to bring innovation to the table.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Garsnas 9/5/2022 12:00:00 AM
Sign up for the Breakfast Meeting. This year the APLF Leather Fair will be held from March 13th – 15th 2023 in the World Trade Centre in Dubai.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Breakfast-Meeting-APLF-Dubai-Sign-Up 2/22/2023 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_6902-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:50 PM

/About-Leather 4/8/2020 2:54:25 PM
Leather Making Where Does Leather Come From? An engaging animation from Leather UK that explains where leather comes from . Vegetable Tanning in Tuscany An insight into the craft of vegetable tanning in a Tuscan tannery Cordovan Shell Production The lo...
/Education/Videos 4/30/2020 7:18:40 AM
PRESS ENQUIRIES Leather Naturally is a not-for-profit, industry members association that focuses on education and the promotion of leather.  Press enquiries, please contact us through [email protected] or complete the form.
/Events-Media/Media-Resources 5/27/2020 2:01:56 PM
By integrating a wide network of contacts across Australia and throughout the world, the AI Topper Group is able to provide their customers with a comprehensive source of a range of Hides, Skins and Leathers.   To optimise the natural advantages of Australia’s varied nat...
/Our-Story/Our-members/AI-Topper 4/24/2020 6:07:39 AM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/Cordovan-Shell-Production 4/30/2020 8:21:02 AM

/Education/Videos/Sustainability/DANI-Sustainable-Leather 4/30/2020 8:48:59 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/What-Goes-into-a-$5k-Bespoke-Leather-Jacket 4/30/2020 8:56:35 AM

/Education/Videos/Fun/Cricket-Balls-How-it-s-Done 4/30/2020 10:00:39 AM
The brand was conceptualized with the ambition from my perspective as a son of immigrant parents. To apply all that I had learned in my career and create my own legacy in the footwear industry. The brand started with the initiative to think global and act local by designin...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Hommy-Diaz 1/13/2021 5:41:12 PM

/Flags/p 4/27/2021 11:33:04 AM

/Flags/nl 4/27/2021 11:33:26 AM
Billy Tannery has partnered with Savernake Knives to create beautiful knife handles from leather waste.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Billy-Tannery 4/8/2021 12:00:00 AM
No, hides come from animals raised for food. This accounts for 99% of the world’s leather. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Are-animals-killed-for-leather 6/28/2021 12:00:00 AM
PALAPA takes its name from the Spanish word referred to a shelter roof made of dried palm leaves. The most common place to see a palapa is in Mexico’s tropics.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/PALAPA 11/10/2021 12:00:00 AM
Country puts protection from misleading terminology in place
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Portugal-legislates-for-leather 1/28/2022 12:00:00 AM
The leather seat in your car is not the same as your leather shoe , One4Leather explains why not…
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/What’s-different-about-leather-for-automotive 1/28/2022 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/q3 5/18/2022 12:40:15 PM
Modest vintage player is crafting beautiful and practical sports & recreation goods from fine leathers.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Modest-Vintage-Player 10/5/2022 12:00:00 AM
Leather and the meat industry, what is the connection? 99% of the leathers are made from livestock, (that is cattle, sheep, goats and pigs) and they are a by-product of the meat industry. Without exception, across the world farmers do not raise livestock for their hides an...
/Education/Fact-Sheets/Manufacturing/FAQ-The-real-connection-between-leather-and-the-me 2/16/2022 10:22:16 AM
Design-A-Bag (DAB) competition 2023 with the theme Modern and Classic. Design a modern bag with genuine leather that becomes classic and iconic in the future.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Design-A-Bag-(DAB)-competition-2023 2/20/2023 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_6907-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:50 PM
Our media partner ILM published an interesting podcast about: Marketing concepts and innovative ideas for the leather sector.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/longchamp-CEO-defends-name-leather(1)-(1) 12/2/2019 12:00:00 AM

/Education 4/8/2020 2:54:37 PM
/Our-Story/Our-members 4/8/2020 4:14:36 PM
Welcome to the sample Corporate Site If you are new to Kentico, please read the following information before you start exploring the website: Default user name and password You can sign in to the system's administration interface using the link in the header of the page or...
/Education/Gallery 5/12/2020 1:57:47 PM
We have the facilities, high tech machinery and constant innovation to cover all needs. Our drying capacity covers 15,000 hides per week and our methods include bauce, wet stretch, vaccum, taic, thema drying, air drying, staking, and measuring.
/Our-Story/Our-members/Alfamex-Dry-S-A-de-C-V 11/5/2020 3:19:20 PM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/Tanning-and-Finishing-in-Arzignano,-Italy 4/30/2020 8:21:42 AM

/Education/Videos/Sustainability/LITE-(Low-Impact-to-The-Environment)-Leather,-prod 4/30/2020 8:49:13 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/How-Bespoke-Italian-Shoes-are-Made 4/30/2020 8:56:51 AM

/Education/Videos/Fun/The-World-s-Oldest-Shoe 4/30/2020 10:01:31 AM
At the age of 14, after seeing a pair of Manolos on the big screen, I was enchanted by their beauty and elegance, and I therefore started designing during my spare time as a hobby women’s footwear. ​A few years later, after graduating with a biology degree, I decided to pur...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Alexandros-Vasdekis 12/23/2020 3:19:06 PM
Two years ago, the shoe brand GREYDER L A B was founded to make the world a little better with a product that almost everyone uses every day: shoes. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/GREYDER-L-A-B 4/12/2021 12:00:00 AM
Bonded leather (also called "reconstituted leather") is a material made with leather fibers and binders. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Bonded-Leather-–-What-You-Need-to-Know-About-Bonde 5/31/2021 12:00:00 AM

/Flags/MTM_new 9/28/2021 10:01:59 AM
The Research Institute for Leather and Synthetic Materials (FILK) in Freiberg has studied and tested a number of alternative materials against leather.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Benchmark-Study-Finds-Leather-Alternatives-Fall-Sh 4/12/2021 12:00:00 AM
PROMOTE your leather course. INCREASE your knowledge about leather. Leather Naturally can HELP. Leather Naturally invites all companies, (small & large) to promote their leather courses, online or in person. In the current situation we have noticed an especial interest i...
/Events-Media/Courses 2/5/2021 5:12:26 PM
Design-A-Bag (DAB) competition 2022 is the only bag designing event of its kind for designers and design students all over the world.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Design-A-Bag-(DAB)-competition-2022 1/28/2022 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/q4 5/18/2022 12:40:21 PM

/leathertruthfully/images/q2-(1) 5/18/2022 12:40:39 PM
The Leather & Hide Council of America has joined forces to collaborate with the World Widllife Fund on a series of initiatives.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/The-Leather-Hide-Council-of-America-has-signed-a-M 10/19/2021 12:00:00 AM
When you speak about VOLTA ATELIER: sustainability, social justice, refugees, social vulnerability, leather scraps, leather handbags, NGO are the incredible mix of words that come to mind.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/VOLTA-ATELIER 7/21/2022 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_6925-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:50 PM
A Mercedes driver in the UK has won his claim that a description of 'leather' seats in the brochure was 'misleading'.  Read the full story here.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Motorist-Wins-Compensation-for-Fake-Leather 2/18/2019 12:00:00 AM

/Events-Media 4/8/2020 2:54:45 PM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/Hermann-Oak-Leather,-USA 4/30/2020 8:22:50 AM

/Education/Videos/Sustainability/7-Tales-of-Italian-Leather 4/30/2020 8:49:24 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/Why-are-Louboutin-Shoes-so-Expensive 4/30/2020 8:57:08 AM
The company began when founder Jack Millington discovered that, despite the growth in demand for goat meat in the UK, most British goatskins were going to waste. Jack grew up on a farm in the Midlands and had always wanted to start his own company with a link to the land, so...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Billy-Tannery 11/16/2020 9:08:58 AM
Lederhaus is an online leather goods retailer. Their products are expertly crafted by a master artisan in Toronto, Canada.  
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Interview-Lederhaus 3/30/2021 12:00:00 AM
A cartoon for children that explains the origins of leather making. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/How-Did-We-Start-Making-Leather 11/19/2020 12:00:00 AM
Member Benefits The Leather Naturally website as a resource for educational material and the transparent promotion of leather Promotion of the website through SEO campaigns, social media, PR and presentations  Access to content that can be used and shared across members’...
/Our-Story/Join 4/8/2020 4:15:32 PM
Besides the handmade shoes Duke & Dexter has a customisation service 10F1. Make your shoes personal.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Duke-Dexter-leather-sneakers-built-for-the-stroll 6/17/2022 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7083-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:51 PM
Study the infographic by clicking on the link:
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/The-Restory-(2) 3/23/2020 12:00:00 AM
The recently published  Dezeen  interview with Nike includes claims about Flyleather that concern Leather Naturally. Spokesperson Mike Redwood responds.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/- 6/16/2018 12:00:00 AM

/Launch 7/17/2020 3:27:59 PM

/Education/Videos/Sustainability/The-Value-Of-Leather 4/30/2020 8:49:38 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/Masterclass-in-How-to-Shine-Shoes 4/30/2020 8:57:35 AM

/Flags/uk 4/27/2021 11:33:39 AM
Yes! If sustainable means converting materials that would be otherwise thrown away to make the products we use to live, keeping things for a long time, repairing them when we need to, passing them on to someone else to use after us and, eventually, recycling the product as ma...
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Is-leather-sustainable 3/25/2021 12:00:00 AM
Leather Naturally is one of the co-signatories requesting that the Higg index MSI score for leather be suspended pending review of the underlying methodologies and data. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Leather-Industry-Calls-for-Higg-Index-Review 10/10/2020 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Apic 4/24/2020 6:07:41 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/q3-(1) 5/18/2022 12:40:48 PM
"I have made over 10,000 pairs of shoes for customers since 1974."
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/The-Chicago-Leather-School 6/6/2022 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7139-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:51 PM
Thanks to Diana Rodgers of Sustainabledish - Sacred Cow for the amazing infographic, which shows leather’s place as a by-product from the meat industry.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/The-Restory-(1) 3/16/2020 12:00:00 AM
As PETA lobbies publishers of dictionaries to change the definition of leather to include things that are....well... not leather, Leather Naturally responds on the side of clarity for the consumer.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Don-t-Mess-with-Leather 4/9/2018 12:00:00 AM

/Membership 7/27/2020 1:55:08 PM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/Conceria-Tempesti-Vegetable-Tanning 4/30/2020 8:23:32 AM

/Education/Videos/Sustainability/Why-Wear-Leather 4/30/2020 8:49:53 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/What-is-a-GoodYear-Welt 4/30/2020 8:57:48 AM
The use of sustainable leather is one that is changing the way companies do business. I’m excited to bring all of my experience and knowledge to TWIL and offer amazing quality leather products to our customers. I am very passionate about helping our planet and promoting lea...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/The-World-in-Leather 11/2/2020 11:19:09 AM

/metcha 11/16/2021 12:58:22 PM

/Our-Story/Our-members/APLF-Limited 4/24/2020 6:07:37 AM
I then started focusing on the production of leather goods. In 2019, I attended a training to become a technical pattern designer for handbags. And in 2020, I have definitively shut down the shoe upper department.    LN: Please describe the activity of your company / work...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/De-Caro 12/13/2021 9:32:40 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7162-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:51 PM
Puma’s executive chairman, Jochen Zeitz, is someone the global leather industry admires but his recent comments in the FT on the brand’s use of the material require a response (“Puma on the prowl for leather substitute”, June 23).  By Stephen Tierney, Editor, World Leather, L...
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Cows-offset-their-carbon-emissions 6/28/2012 12:00:00 AM
Processing hides from livestock into leather is one of the oldest practiced forms of recycling. Hides are natural and inevitable by-products of meat and diary consumption.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/The-Restory-(3) 3/12/2020 12:00:00 AM

/Membership_IT 8/6/2020 4:08:36 PM
AQC’s mission is to provide its members a platform to facilitate the traceability and compliance of materials and components used in the manufacture of leather bracelets.
/Our-Story/Our-members/AQC 4/24/2020 6:07:46 AM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/UNIC-Italian-Tanning-Industry 4/30/2020 8:23:51 AM

/Education/Videos/Sustainability/Can-Leather-be-Sustainable 4/30/2020 8:48:18 AM

/Education/Videos/Fashion/Gaziano-Girling-Footwear-Factory-Tour 4/30/2020 8:58:01 AM
His home town of Catania and its rich culture is a source of inspiration to him and he through his work as an artist he discovered and evolved his technique in order to be able to create his incredible pieces. I was born in 1986 in a small town of Catania, a source of inspi...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Francesco-la-Rosa 10/2/2020 4:06:25 PM
Lake Cycling is renowned for the fit and performance of its cycling shoes. Leather Naturally caught up with them to learn more about two new models just launched and the part that leather plays in helping them fulfil a mission to create the most innovative performance cycling ...
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Interview-Lake-Cycling 3/11/2021 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/q4-(1) 5/18/2022 12:40:55 PM
By clicking on the link  you will find the online leather course guide: Luxury handbag making,  Travel bags,  Wallets,  Belts,  Watch straps,  Solid box making,  Case making,  Technique course including- hand stit...

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7210-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:51 PM
Influential institutions such as the European Commission realise the way we make and use products is going to have to shift from a linear model to a circular one in order to meet targets for keeping global warming at a manageable level.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Leather-and-the-cicular-economy 2/18/2020 12:00:00 AM
Leather Naturally supports the use of globally-manufactured sustainable leather through a programme of education and factual information. Read more to understand why we challenge some of the misconceptions associated with the promotion of 'synthetic leather' in a letter to the...
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Leather-Naturally-Challenges-Synthetic-Leather-S 8/18/2017 12:00:00 AM

/Membership_ES 8/6/2020 4:09:38 PM
Since its creation in 1926, Argolanda B.V. have expanded their South American reach to a world-wide network of customers and clients. The name Argolanda comes from the first three letters of Argentina and part of the Spanish word for Holland. With an initial focus on South Ame...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Argolanda 4/24/2020 6:07:40 AM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/Tour-of-Horween-Leather 4/30/2020 8:24:08 AM
FizzArrow Handmade Leather Goods was established in 2013, when my graphics business went through a quiet patch and I decided to diversify, it seemed a natural progression because I love to make things.  I inherited my Nanny’s Singer 401G machine when I was 9, so I have alway...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Viv-Fletcher-of-FizzArrow 7/7/2020 10:28:48 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/readmore_purple 5/18/2022 3:09:40 PM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7226-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:51 PM
Reconstituted materials of various types have been produced and used in the footwear industry for many years and usually work well alongside leather, but it is wrong to call these products leather.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Nike-Flyleather-Disappoints-Leather-Naturally 9/25/2017 12:00:00 AM
Leather - a recycled product with ecological value. Boxmark has released a new video explaining the importance of leather as a recycled product.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Leather-a-recycled-product-with-ecological-value 11/6/2019 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story 4/8/2020 2:54:53 PM
ARS Tannery supports since the beginning Leather Naturally, to promote the use of leather as a natural and sustainable material. The magazine is published 6 times a year and it's distributed in Italy and abroad in about 4,000 copies per issue, both by post and at the most i...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Argolanda-(2) 4/24/2020 6:07:40 AM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/How-Leather-Soles-are-Made 4/30/2020 8:24:24 AM
The label focuses on a 'Modern Leather Craft' aesthetic through minimalist shapes paired with bold graphic details, surface patterns and contrasting colours, to produce visually striking pieces that only get better with age. Modern Leather Craft Is Our Focus Each product ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Hirsch-Kirsch 4/22/2020 4:03:25 PM
This is a story of two modern independent women, who share the same vision and came together to make their dream come true.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/The-Boot-Institute 2/24/2021 12:00:00 AM
Challenged by the idea of a zero-waste future, and looking to nature for inspiration, Return To Nature is the result of two years of research and innovation.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Anya-Hindmarch-launches-Return-to-Nature-Collectio 11/30/2021 12:00:00 AM
Originally published in 2018 and updated in 2021, an in-depth look at the sustainabiliy of responsibly made leather.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/White-Paper-Explores-Sustainability-of-Leather 3/22/2021 12:00:00 AM
The Real Leather. Stay Different search for new design talent is now on.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Slow-fashion-challenge-for-international-design-co 4/28/2022 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7293-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:51 PM
While it is admirable to hold strong views regarding the climate and the use of animals for meat and other things, to support these with a narrative built of inaccurate and incomplete data is an abuse of your columns.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Observer-article-response 3/3/2017 12:00:00 AM
PRIVACY & TERMS Leather Naturally Privacy Policy Leather Naturally takes the privacy of your information very seriously. This privacy policy applies to our use of any and all data collected by us or provided by you in relation to your use of the website. We do not shar...
/Privacy 7/8/2020 2:52:34 PM
Within its walls the best talents in the sector were trained, and continue to be trained. Young women and men who are now holding positions of absolute importance in the best national and international companies. The educational offer makes international study courses avai...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Arsutoria-School 11/3/2020 4:06:13 PM

/Education/Videos/Leather-Making/Aniline-Corrected-Full-Grain 4/30/2020 8:24:42 AM
As a kid I was always very interested in nice leathers, especially exotic skins. Im my early 30s I met a french leather craftsman and she taught me some of the basics of leather working. Immediately I knew it was what I wanted to do as a career. Focusing mainly on handbags a...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Peter-Nitz 4/22/2020 4:03:30 PM
Company The Cobbler has taken this line since the beginning - we asked them about their history and why leather is important to them. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Leather-goods-repair-is-a-smart-and-sustainable-ap 2/17/2021 12:00:00 AM
The way we use our cars is changing - leather should be along for the ride.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Leather-offers-lifetime-performance-for-your-car-s 11/29/2021 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/stripes_purple 5/18/2022 2:25:54 PM

/leathertruthfully/images/stripes_green 5/18/2022 4:39:20 PM
In spring 2017, Kadri Vunder Fontana, a chemist and experienced business woman, and Conny Thiel-Egenter, a biologist and passionate hunter, founded Cervo Volante with the aim of producing something valuable from hunting waste and processing the leather into fine products.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Feature-Cervo-Volante 4/6/2022 12:00:00 AM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7328-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:51 PM
Leather UK has responded to a report on the BBC wesbite from 10 September 2019, which made some inaccurate claims about leather and leather manufacturing.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Leather-UK-Rights-the-Wrongs 9/12/2019 12:00:00 AM
The Smart Fortwo is a clever little car that has continued to be popular since the brand was bought by Mercedes in 1998. One unexpected aspect of the Smart car and other cultish smaller vehicles is the fact that a much higher proportion of their customers have paid extra for l...
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Smart-peta-blog-response 3/3/2017 12:00:00 AM

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ATC Tannery Chemicals began almost 50 years ago, the goal then is the same as it is today, to manufacture and supply high quality leather chemicals to the market at an excellent price, with superb technical and commercial support.   The second generation leading the compan...
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The art of Craftmanship Often these products are still made by hand or on the same machinery that has been used since the early twenties. Duke & Sons Leather makes quality products which will last a lifetime. Jan den Hartogh, owner of Duke & Sons: "As a designer who has ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Duke-Sons-Leather 4/22/2020 4:03:20 PM
Leather is made from the hides of animals, treated and finished to create a durable product suitable for a huge range of uses.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/What-is-leather-made-of-and-where-does-it-come-fro 2/17/2021 12:00:00 AM
Filip and Marcus wanted to create something truly circular, something recyclable and biodegradable as well as 100% plastic free.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Interview-Our-Choice-Fashion 3/4/2021 12:00:00 AM
Non-profit organization, based in Buenos Aires that promotes knowledge, research, and professional development of its associates. Its objectives are focused on achieving the strengthening of the leather industry. To meet them: Promotes in society in general and among its ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Asociacion-Argentina-de-Quimicos-y-Tecnicos-del-Cu 5/17/2021 2:18:38 PM
METCHA’s new initiative compiles leather-oriented trends for the near future covering all major industry areas of concern in an exclusive report.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Get-access-to-METCHA-FORWARD,-a-trend-report-to-in 11/19/2021 12:00:00 AM

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An article in The Telegraph online  that claims car manufacturers should ditch leather was not well received by readers. Leather Naturally added its own voice to the majority of consumer commenters who both understand the provenance of modern automotive leather and value its ...
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The article published in the Guardian blaming leather for fuelling Amazon fires has attracted criticism for its inaccuracies.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Don-t-use-the-Amazon-to-fabricate-an-attack-on-lea 9/12/2019 12:00:00 AM

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At the workshop in Millau, France all the gloves are handmade from fine leathers selected for their suppleness.  Thirty or so craftsmen and women spend years perfecting the techniques required to complete the sometimes hundreds of skilled operations needed to complete just ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Causse-Gantier-(1) 4/22/2020 4:03:17 PM
Leather Naturally invites all companies, (small & large) to promote their leather courses, online or in person
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The simple answer is ‘yes’. Leather is a highly versatile, widely used material and there are a number of elements in its manufacture that contribute to its environmental credentials. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Is-leather-environmentally-friendly 3/18/2021 12:00:00 AM

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Real leather (leather) is a by-product of the meat industry. It is a natural, renewable material upcycled from the hides and skins that would otherwise go to waste in landfill
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/The-difference-between-synthetic-and-real-leather 3/10/2022 12:00:00 AM

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"We are all in this together," states Martin Ricker, Director of International Leather Maker in a recent article, in which he identifies that the time has come for Leather Naturally and urges businesses or organisations that earn their living from leather in any way to join up.
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The decision by Helsinki Fashion Week to ban leather makes no sense in terms of sustainability or environment. 
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However, he is also the Managing Director of Gemata S.p.A, a leading Italian company in the field of machinery and equipment of low environmental impact on the finishing of leather. After international success with his wildlife photography, Gianni decided on a permanent way...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/GMVENEZIA 4/22/2020 4:03:24 PM
A family - owned business since 1829, Tricker’s footwear is recognised around the world for its quality and quintessentially English style.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Tricker’s-traditional-English-footwear,-made-to-la 2/11/2021 12:00:00 AM

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Available to download free as: • Complete guide • Step-by-step in four easily digestible sections • Concise version. Also available in Portuguese To download your guide fill in your details below: A GUIDE TO MODERN LEATHER MAKING How cow leather is made in ...
/A-Guide-to-Modern-Leather-Making 2/9/2022 2:10:47 PM

/Education/Gallery/Images/TME_7533-with-logo 5/12/2020 1:57:52 PM
Fashion forecaster WGSN predicts that cowhide trend is only just begining, with a look that works across all categories. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/Why-Cow-Hide-is-the-New-Leopard-Print 4/3/2019 12:00:00 AM
The Financial Times piece, 'Could You Live in a Vegan House?' makes the important point that buying products to fit a vegan lifestlye requires careful thought, but becomes confused over the question of environmental issues.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/SHOULD-You-Live-in-a-Vegan-House 7/23/2019 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/BADER-GmbH-Co-KG 4/24/2020 6:07:45 AM
" At the heart of the brand is leather, " explains designer Christina Charles. " It wears beautifully, improving with age, meaning that each piece takes on a patina and character unique to its owner. A leather wallet carried every day can tell a thousand stories ."    ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Daines-Hathaway 4/22/2020 4:03:18 PM
Launched in 1955, the Chanel 2.55 bag with its signature quilted leather, went on to become an iconic style and one of the most recognisable bag in the world.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Classic-designs-in-leather-endure 2/2/2021 12:00:00 AM
We can help you understand how your leather interfaces with the ecosystem. Our growing suite of tests look at biodegradability, compostability, disintegration, plant response and chemical toxicity.  Authenticae is a family-owned laboratory and consultancy based in the UK. We...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Authenticae 6/25/2021 12:57:30 PM
Guide to Modern Leather Making Part 2 (12.9 mb) Part Two - guide to a tannery and different types of leather processing  Guide Download Options: Guide to Modern Leather Making Complete Guide (18 mb) The Complete Guide Guide to Modern Leather Mak...
/Modern-Leather-Making-Download 2/9/2022 2:40:04 PM
International Leather Maker has published a personal view of Egbert Dikkers, Chair of Leather Naturally of what the leather supply chain could be like by 2030. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/What-will-the-Tannery-in-2030-be-like 11/27/2018 12:00:00 AM
Recently, in the Financial Times, an article related to the Rio+20 Summit quoted Puma as saying that it would like to stop using leather.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Old/WHY-PUMA-IS-WRONG-ABOUT-LEATHER 6/28/2012 12:00:00 AM
Group also includes the Wickett and Craig of America tannery in Curwensville, PA.  
/Our-Story/Our-members/Bank-Bros-(1) 4/24/2020 6:07:42 AM
The cutting edge technology used in development is complemented with the traditional skills and materials its craftsmen employ when making saddles. All Fairfax Performance products are handmade in England by highly skilled saddlers using the finest hides and butt leather. ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Fairfax-Saddles 4/22/2020 4:03:24 PM
The competition, organized by LHCA in partnership with China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), has attracted more than 500 entries from students from 7 selected mainland China universities.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Student-Leather-Competition-Enters-Final-Stage 1/28/2021 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Beckman-(8) 4/24/2020 6:07:44 AM
As a kid I was always very interested in nice leathers, especially exotic skins. Im my early 30s I met a french leather craftsman and she taught me some of the basics of leather working. Immediately I knew it was what I wanted to do as a career. The company LEDERZENTRUM is...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/LEDERZENTRUM 4/22/2020 4:03:27 PM
Ahead of the new SATC spin off, Sarah Jessica Parker talks shoes and of “becoming intoxicated by the smell of the fresh leather.”
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/SJP-admits-her-shoe-obsession-is-real 1/27/2021 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/stripes_purple-3 5/26/2022 1:55:27 PM
We do everything in-house, we have the facilities, high-tech machinery and constant innovation to cover all needs. We have an installed monthly capacity of 1.2 million square feet.   Thank Alfalab, our own lab, and its daily work, creativity and research, we can anticipate...
/Our-Story/Our-members/BEFAMEX-S-A-de-C-V 11/5/2020 3:29:54 PM
Every year we produce 900,000 square feet of the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather using hides from local Swedish farms. Roughly a third of our leather remains in-house and is used to produce Tärnsjö Garveri saddlery and other premium leather products for an elite lis...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Tarnjo-Garveri 4/22/2020 4:03:32 PM

/test 4/20/2022 4:39:33 PM
New materials will continue to be needed alongside leather and the industry fully accepts that life will become more competitive.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/The-Economist-Wrong-to-Use-Negative-Terms 9/10/2017 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Beckman 4/24/2020 6:07:39 AM
The maker’s mind was set on realising an exclusive yet sustainable and personalised collection  of highly qualified leather and suede clothes. In all of the extraordinary pieces all of the maker’s personal professional experiences as a fashion retail purchaser in luxurious l...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Sally-Blue 4/22/2020 4:03:32 PM
Well made leather lasts a long time and unlike most man-made, or synthetic materials it gets better with age, acquiring a depth of patina and wear pattern that is individual to the user - much like a favourite pair of jeans.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/A-Guide-to-Buying-Vintage-Leather 1/11/2021 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/stripes_purple-4 5/26/2022 3:20:57 PM
The recent article in the Huffpost on the 17th August entitled “Why Vegan Leather Is On The Rise” might be well intentioned but the inaccuracies within it highlight some extremely poor journalism, not least because the phrase 'vegan leather is a deliberately misleading term.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Vegan-Leather-Deliberately-Misleading 8/26/2017 12:00:00 AM
Bojos Tanning’s philosophy is to be socially and environmentally aware within its practices. We look to satisfy the requirements and needs of our clients, offering finished leather goods of the highest quality; with innovation and efficiency, building a solid and profitable co...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Bojos-Tanning,-Inc 3/15/2021 12:38:04 PM
Owners Fernanda Dubal and Tatiana Azzi have built over 2.000 retail clients in Brazil in only eight years. They tell their own success story. Social Media Adô, since the beginning, has always been concerned with  customer service via social media. We believe that we consol...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Ado-Atelier 4/22/2020 4:03:16 PM
Berlin Department store to sell only pre-owned goods.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Buy-less,-Buy-better,-Buy-leather 11/9/2020 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/stripes_purple-5 5/26/2022 4:20:24 PM
Within the leather industry we believe strongly that well made leather is a material with major environmental benefits and which is perfectly compatible with modern thinking regarding responsible purchasing and consumption.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Consumers-Need-Choice-But-First-They-Need-the-Fact 8/18/2017 12:00:00 AM
Buckman brings more than 65 years of experience in the leather industry, which includes developing advanced data analysis, patented innovations and eco-friendly chemistries. They are the industry leader in microorganism-control programs and hide-preservation solutions. Buckman...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Buckman-International 4/24/2020 6:07:43 AM
#Leather truthfully   Understanding the label   The label ‘vegan’ has wrongly become synonymous with being green or environmentally friendly. Plant-based materials often focus on the ‘plant’ part of the name, leaving consumers unaware of the synthetic element...
/ 5/16/2022 2:29:47 PM
A Global Design Competition is running, organized between the Leather and Hide Council of America and the China Leather Industry Association.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/longchamp-CEO-defends-name-leather(1)-(3) 2/4/2020 12:00:00 AM
Cartigliano Technologies are studied to grant an added value on clients’ production, with high quality leathers, maximum yield, constancy and consistency, extremely short production cycles.
/Our-Story/Our-members/Beckman-(5) 4/24/2020 6:07:42 AM
Gen-Z doesn’t regard luxury in terms of brands, but unique items that express individuality.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Gen-Z-will-accelerate-Millennial-Trends 11/29/2020 12:00:00 AM

/leathertruthfully/images/stripes_yellowend 5/26/2022 4:46:28 PM
Back to Basics is published by World Leather to provide an insight into what it describes as a ‘complex and changing industry.’ Leather Naturally is pleased to be able to offer it as a download, in six languages.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Back-to-Basics 6/19/2019 12:00:00 AM
Located in the Northern Rivers of NSW Casino Hide Tanners is devoted to processing cattle hides from green through to wet blue leather. Being located on the same site as Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd abattoir allows prompt processing which can mean technically better ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Casino-Hide-Tanners 4/24/2020 6:07:40 AM
Although he now spends his day developing products and solutions for modern tanneries, his background has given him a keen interest in the historical origins of the art of tanning - download and read his history of tanning in Mesopotamia.  
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Dirick-von-Behr 4/22/2020 4:03:19 PM
We all need to invest in a more sustainable wardrobe for the future, but where to start?
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/How-to-Choose-a-Leather-Jacket-That-You-ll-Keep-Fo 12/1/2020 12:00:00 AM
Reptile leather is a tiny proportion of leather made globally but transparency is equally important
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Education/Reptile-Leathe 11/3/2020 12:00:00 AM
Chemtan Company Inc. is an international leader in developing, producing and marketing chemicals for the leather tanning industry. We offer a full line of products from beam house through finishing, specializing in waterproofing for all types of leathers.   Founded in 1947...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Casino-Hide-Tanners-(1) 4/24/2020 6:07:41 AM
At the same time, MYOMY do goods only works with high-quality leather with a natural look.  “ When we are selecting leather, we look at thickness, consistency, firmness, body and stand. Apart from these quality conditions, we always ask for the best possible option in view ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/MYOMY-DO-GOODS 4/22/2020 4:03:28 PM
Jeff jumped from denim to leather, his passion
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Jeff-Hamilton-–-founder-of-Guess-Jeans 11/17/2020 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Casino-Hide-Tanners-(2) 4/24/2020 6:07:43 AM
He takes his audience through a history of the technology from parchment and vellum, which are untanned but still incredibly useful, through Neolithic chappies discovering that vegetable materials can fill in the gaps in the fibres and make leather, past alum tawing and onto ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Bill-Amberg 4/22/2020 4:03:17 PM
Founded in 1988,with more than 1400 members, China Leather Industrial Association (CLIA) is a national trans-regional and cross-sectoral organization related to leather,footwear,leather garments,leather goods,fur and fur products, leather chemicals, leather machinery,leather h...
/Our-Story/Our-members/China-Leather-Industrial-Association 4/24/2020 6:07:45 AM
The globally renowned University of Northampton has launched a 12 week online training course
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/New-online-training-course 11/10/2020 12:00:00 AM
The entity pursues the sustainable growth of the segment, while maintaining high standards of professional qualification, health and safety and technological improvement. CICB supports the national leather industry in order to develop its strengths – as it has been already h...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Centre-for-the-Brazilian-Tanning-Industry-(CICB) 6/8/2022 12:21:57 PM
The Chamber of the Tannery Industry of the State of Guanajuato - CICUR, Represents and Defends the general and particular interests of its affiliated tanning companies, mainly those located in the State of Guanajuato; In addition to being a Source of Information and Promotion ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/CICUR 4/24/2020 6:07:46 AM
With inspirations ranging from literature to the natural world, Patricia lends the delicacy of her look to a traditional industry; turning leather into a raw material for haute-couture in Brazil. WHY LEATHER? WHERE DOES YOUR PASSION FOR THIS SPECIFIC RAW MATERIAL COME FROM? ...
/Our-Story/The-Makers/Patricia-Motta 4/22/2020 4:03:30 PM
D2C brand Amberjack has a waitlist of 10,000 for its new hybrid shoe.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Responsibly-made-leather-at-the-heart-of-sell-out 12/29/2020 12:00:00 AM
Conceria Montebello was founded in 1967 thanks to Giuseppe Dalle Mese’s will and spirit of entrepreneurship. In 1977, the company became a joint stock company. Conceria Montebello  tans and finishes leather for footwear, furniture, clothing and leather goods and its market o...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Mimosa-Extract-Company 4/24/2020 6:09:30 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Conseil-National-du-Cuir 4/24/2020 6:07:39 AM
The Design Challenge has been launched with the objective of creating high-end fashion shoes with an emphasis on the sustainability.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Tradition-and-ambition-come-together-in-Design-Cha 12/8/2020 12:00:00 AM
Transform leather scraps into your own handcrafted Christmas ornaments. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Christmas-makes-from-Leather-Naturally 11/28/2022 12:00:00 AM
Leather is an enduring trend - what better example than the 90s style leather dresses and coats making a comeback this Fall?
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Trend-alert 11/3/2020 12:00:00 AM
Undertake concerted and aggressive export promotion and market development activities  Assist importers towards their sourcing needs of Indian leather & leather products. Provide necessary assistance to overseas entrepreneurs in establishing business collaborations and str...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Council-For-Leather-Exports 6/18/2020 3:07:54 PM
’The European Commission is being called on to regulate the use of the term leather'. Why? Because consumers are confused.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/’The-European-Commission-is-being-called-on-to-reg 9/14/2020 12:00:00 AM
Integrated in the Carvalhos Group, a reference in the tanning industry since 1939, our tannery Couro Azul employs a total of 600 professionals and is specialized in tanning and finishing cowhides for transports – automotive, railway and aeronautical industries. The achieved q...
/Our-Story/Our-members/COURO-AZUL-(CA) 4/24/2020 6:08:12 AM
Cristal clear why Vuitton uses leather. Read the 3 reasons of CEO - Michael Burke
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/3-reasons-why-Louis-Vuitton-uses-leather 10/13/2020 12:00:00 AM
COTANCE represents the European Leather Industry in front of EU and UN institutions and bodies. It is a non-for-profit umbrella organisation gathering the leather producers’ associations of the EU and connecting with over 95% of all European tanneries. COTANCE develops active ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/COTANCE-(1) 4/29/2021 10:09:01 AM
CPL GROUP PUBLIC CO., LTD. is the leading full-process leather tannery company listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with THB 419.0 Million registered capital. We are well-accepted and trusted by world renowned fashion brands with production capacity of 3.0 million square f...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Crest-Leathers-Limited-(1) 4/24/2020 6:08:10 AM
Leather has long lasting comfort and shoes, jackets - even a wallet carried in the pocket will mould to the individual wearer.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Comfort-of-leather 10/27/2020 12:00:00 AM
Passionate about motorcycles and their synergy with leather. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Leather-and-motorcycles-are-extensions-of-each-oth 11/5/2020 12:00:00 AM
Cromogenia Units develops, manufactures and sells a complete range of specialties for the leather industry, being a qualified supplier for this industry worldwide. The company is present in more than 60 countries with a strong customer focus, but also with a clear commitment t...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Cromogenia 4/24/2020 6:08:14 AM
Leather Naturally is one of the co-signatories requesting that the Higg index MSI score for leather be suspended pending review of the underlying methodologies and data.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Leather-Industry-Calls-for-Higg-Index-Review 10/9/2020 12:00:00 AM
CTIC - Leather Technology Center in Portugal, was founded in 1992, in a joint initiative of leather companies, with the Portuguese State. Currently with a team of 26 qualified professionals, and supported by its ISO 17025 accredited Laboratories, CTIC offers a very wide rang...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Conseil-National-du-Cuir-(2) 4/24/2020 6:08:11 AM
Grupo Cuero Centro is a leading tanning company located in Leon, Gto, the most important leather cluster of North America. Thanks to our long-time experience, high quality, safety, flexibility, reliability, and environmental standards, we are trusted and recognized globally by...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Cuero-Centro-SA-de-CV 10/13/2020 6:38:31 AM
Ever wanted to make your own sneakers? Learn how with The Shoe Surgoen School.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Sneakers-crafted-by-your-own-hands 10/22/2020 12:00:00 AM
In CUEROMEX we are able to develop products with technological innovations that support the profitability and branding of our customers giving them the competitive advantage their business need, always looking for a dynamic balance between performance and great appearance. W...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Cueromex-Wet-Blue 11/5/2020 3:32:47 PM
Listen to creative and founder of Bill Amberg Studio, Bill Amberg speak on the subject.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/What-is-the-future-of-Leather 11/17/2020 12:00:00 AM
ECCO Leather Goods is a new bags and accessories concept that includes pieces made with the DriTan technology, which reduces water consumption.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/ECCO-debuts-innovative-bags-and-accessories-concep 11/10/2021 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/David-Peters 4/24/2020 6:08:09 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Decision 4/24/2020 6:08:13 AM
Leather Naturally believe in buy less, buy better, buy leather. In the world of mass production Hermès strives to add value and quality to products such as their bags that are worth keeping for life and repair them when necessary. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Webinar-Leather-Learning-(2) 5/14/2020 12:00:00 AM
Wet Blue - sides Finished chrome tanned - sides Finished veg tanned - sides Finished Fashion concepts and colors - sides Work and Performance footwear leathers - sides Waterproofed leathers - sides Leather Working Group audited member and ISO-9001 certification. In hou...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Curtidos-Bengala-SA-de-CV 6/8/2021 9:59:31 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Deri2000 4/24/2020 6:08:13 AM
CueroAmerica is the leading multi-platform media service for Latin America that provides daily updates on the latest news. CueroAmerica - Social Media Channels are as follows: Instagram: @cueroamerica Twitter: @cueroamerica  
/Our-Story/Our-members/CueroAmerica 7/18/2022 2:38:54 PM
Association of Leather Technologists-Technicians and Chemists (DETEK), was established in Turkey in 1995 to support and strengthen the technical and scientific infrastructure of the leather sector in Turkey, to help it integrate with world scale leather technique and science, ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/DETEK-DERNEGI 4/24/2020 6:08:14 AM
An interview with vegetarian Ana Maria Vasconcelos of the company Belcinto in which she explains why she sees no contradiction in using leather and looking at how they create sustainable products that last a lifetime.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Webinar-Leather-Learning-(1) 5/4/2020 12:00:00 AM
Being main providers of several firms throughout the world, CTU gets strength mainly supported on our people whose passion for leather becomes a positive energy to battle along with the best technology available against every anti sustainable product in markets such as Italian...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Curtiduria-Tungurahua-S-A 10/26/2020 11:00:26 AM
Durli is specialized in Wet Blue, Crust and Finished Leather. Consolidated by their high quality standard, it’s a company that values the partnership with the customers and suppliers, having in their philosophy the commitment to attend with seriousness the most demanding marke...
/Our-Story/Our-members/DURLI-Leathers 4/24/2020 6:08:10 AM
Have you missed Part 1 of the webinar "Leather Learning", that was arranged by the Textile Exchange, no worries. It is recorded. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Webinar-Leather-Learning 4/20/2020 12:00:00 AM
The Fiat 500 just got a very special makeover which includes an amazing leather and wood interior.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/The-Restory-(3) 4/6/2020 12:00:00 AM
EDSIM is a family owned leather group based in NYC. We are known globally for our naked soft tumbled cow leather, called “Lamba”. Customers have used it as a core material for their handbags, shoes and outerwear for years. We work closely with brands and designers every season...
/Our-Story/Our-members/edsim 4/24/2020 6:08:14 AM
International Leather Maker published from the French magazine Madame Figaro an interview with Jean Cassegrain, grandson of Longchamp’s founder and General Manager of the company, said he refutes ‘greenwashing’ and there is no such thing as ‘vegan leather’.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/longchamp-CEO-defends-name-leather(1) 12/2/2019 12:00:00 AM
The third-generation family business is spanning 9 decades and has grown to become one of the leading sources for NEW ZEALAND hides and skins, handling production stages from salted through to wetblue/wetwhite. With strong and long-term supplier partners in New Zealand, Emag...
/Our-Story/Our-members/EMAG-Ltd 4/24/2020 6:08:07 AM
One of the most enduring of all leather qualities is its longevity, it ages beautifully and well-made products can pass from generation to generation. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/The-Restory 3/2/2020 12:00:00 AM
Pulcra Chemicals supplies the leather sector with a complete range of specialties designed to ensure that the material can be easily processed and efficiently upgraded to the highest quality standards for leather and fur articles. A timeless combination: high quality leather...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Pulcra-Chemicals 7/14/2020 11:36:30 AM
A passion for new solutions to improve the tannery sector, the unquestionable technical skills of its professionals, the experience built-up in the field, a highly qualified R&D department  and dedicated on-site service are what have led leather manufacturers to choose FGL Int...
/Our-Story/Our-members/FGL-International 4/24/2020 6:08:09 AM
Slightly Alabama designs and manufactures limited quantity leather goods in West Village, NY. Metcha interviewed Creative Director, Dana Glaeser about making what he loves, and where he finds inspiration.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Nobody-passes-on-their-t-shirt-to-their-grandchild 11/6/2019 12:00:00 AM
ECCO Leather produces the world's most progressive premium quality leathers across an award-winning network of tanning facilities in Europe, South East Asia and the Far East. The company'​'s unique "Open Circle Lab"​ development process ensures a steady flow of cutting edge in...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Ecco-leather 4/24/2020 6:08:11 AM
LVMH has published LIFE2020: Four objectives towards environmental excellence as part of its ongoing programme of embedding sustainable development throughout the business.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/LMVH 9/30/2019 12:00:00 AM
Sustainability, navigating the supply chain and the Louis Vuitton approach to acting local are covered in the interview.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Louis-Vuitton-CEO-the-future-of-luxury 1/4/2021 12:00:00 AM
Dside - Italian Artisan Leather We are an Italian owned tannery, specializing in luxury leather with our Asia operations based in Dongguan, China. All our specially designed machinery was imported from Italy and includes the finest machines and tools available in the world....
/Our-Story/Our-members/Dside-Leather 7/18/2022 2:49:02 PM

/Our-Story/Our-members/FGL-International-(1) 4/24/2020 6:08:11 AM
The article published in the Guardian blaming leather for fuelling Amazon fires has attracted criticism for its inaccuracies. In the interests of transparency Leather Naturally reproduces below the response from founder member Dr Michael Redwood in which he expresses his conce...
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Don-t-use-the-Amazon-to-fabricate-an-attack-on-lea 9/12/2019 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/ITECH-–-Engineering-School 12/2/2021 1:03:24 PM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Het-Leerkwartier 1/31/2022 5:14:13 PM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Futura-Leathers 4/24/2020 6:08:13 AM
Scottish leather company Muirhead has released a video detailing its recent refurbishment project with Irish Rail. Thought to be the largest project of its type, 234 carriages and 15,500 seats were refurbished with leather.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Refurb-Rail-Project-Uses-Leather 8/6/2019 12:00:00 AM
Leather Working Group (LWG) is a not-for-profit global standards organization, representing a quarter of the world’s finished leather production, with audited sites in 55 countries. We actively encourage dialogue among our diverse global community of 1,500 members representin...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Leather-Working-Group-Ltd 1/28/2022 9:28:42 AM
Gaitonde was founded in 1927 based in Chennai India as a service provider for the tanning industry, shoe & accessory industry. Gaitonde has service backup office in dhaka, bangladesh and in saigon, vietnam. We also distribute adhesives and micro pak anti mold products cove...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Gaitonde-Leathers-Associations-Pvt-Ltd 4/24/2020 6:08:08 AM
Having recently joined the ILM team and the leather industry from the fashion and retail sector, where I was Editor of a leading b2b magazine, I have been eager to learn about the leather trade, including the challenges it faces and opportunities ahead. It’s quite apparent tha...
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Fashion-industry-needs-to-stop-vilifying-leather 5/9/2019 12:00:00 AM
Not just a car, no The Lancia Dilambda Cabriolet Carlton BS
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/The-Serapian-family-redesigned-the-interior-of-thi 12/15/2020 12:00:00 AM
We are producing split leather, splitleather is beautiful.  With a lot of love, craftsmanship and an eye for the environment we produce split leather in a responsible sustainable way. We have been in existence for over 55 years and grew up with leather and love it that is in...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Gebr-van-Esch 7/17/2020 4:02:18 PM
Leather Naturally Chair, Egbert Dikkers thought he was making a sustainable choice when he opted for an electric car with leather interior. So why was his car delivered with plastic seats? 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Fooled-by-Synthetics! 1/18/2019 12:00:00 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Gaitonde-Leathers-Associations-Pvt-Ltd-(2) 7/9/2020 10:47:05 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/GER-ELETTRONICA-s-r-l 4/24/2020 6:08:14 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Gerberei-Hofbrucker-GdbR 12/21/2020 2:31:40 PM
Professional, Courage, passion. “Italian know how” is probably the expression which represents GSC the best. Operating for over 40 years in the Italian market we have gained international recognition.   GSC Groups technical solutions are of high added value and offer speci...
/Our-Story/Our-members/GSC-Group 4/24/2020 6:08:09 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/GST-SETON-AUTOLEATHER-(1) 4/24/2020 6:08:10 AM
Dedicated to the creation of distinctive leather finishes through traditional hand finishing techniques and sustainable modern technology.   Known worldwide for their natural beauty, and with timeless appeal, Halo Touch leathers are used by many leading interiors and lifesty...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Halo-Touch 4/24/2020 6:08:08 AM
With a history dating back to the mid 19 th Century, the Hardy name has always been associated with high quality products. The company has a long track record of excellence in providing quality shaving and fleshing knives to the Global leather sector. Our blades, made using...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Hardy 4/24/2020 6:08:12 AM
The new One 4 Leather website has launched and in the words of the organisation, sets out to provide transparent information about leather as a material of choice in vehicles. 
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/New-Automotive-Leather-Resource 8/22/2019 12:00:00 AM
Since its foundation in 1920 in Hehlen close to the river Weser, HELLER-LEDER has been in the fourth generation of family ownership. Initially as a manufacturer of vestettes for the furniture and chair seat industry, HELLER-LEDER grew over time into a globally wide-ranging com...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Heller-Leder-GmbH-Co-KG 4/24/2020 6:08:34 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Beckman-(3) 4/24/2020 6:08:37 AM
Since 1850 Heusch manufacturers cutting systems for the leather and textile industry. Our blades are produced from the highest European quality steel. Our unique tempering process guarantees an exceptional long lasting cutting edge. Customers will experience an unparalleled du...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Heusch 4/24/2020 6:08:40 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Hidenet 4/24/2020 6:08:36 AM
ICHSLTA represents the interests of the hide, skins and leather trades of more than 30 countries. It is the only international body of its kind. Founded in 1929 as a non-political organisation, its principal objective is the promotion, development and protection of the intern...
/Our-Story/Our-members/ICHSLTA 4/24/2020 6:08:36 AM
​​Joe Gibson and Richard Bass have been making hide, skin and split identification devices for 20 years. Joe is a Chemical Engineer and a 4th genreation tanner who has worked in the leather industry most of his  life, as a technician, manager and consultant. Richard is an engi...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Gibson-Bass-Stamper 9/10/2020 3:04:20 PM

/Our-Story/Our-members/ICHSLTA-(1) 4/24/2020 6:08:36 AM
ISA TanTec was founded in 1995, and currently has 4 ultra-modern tanneries located in USA, Vietnam and China. In 2016, Navis Capital Partners co-invested in ISA TanTec as a strategic partner to support the group’s further growth ambitions. ISA TanTec is an eco-friendly leather...
/Our-Story/Our-members/ISA-TanTec 4/24/2020 6:08:35 AM
We also recognize that these efforts bring social responsibility and fair business interest, make us more efficient and strengthen our relationships with our customers, employees and other stakeholders who also have a positive impact on Chinese tanned leather.
/Our-Story/Our-members/ITALEATHER 6/18/2020 3:03:08 PM
40 years of activity, 160 employees, 3 production units, a team that can promptly support worldwide customers: ITALPROGETTI is acknowledged as one of the leading companies among the italian manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the tanning industry. ITALPROGETTI was a...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Italprogetti 4/24/2020 6:08:37 AM
With more than six decades of history, JBS is one of the global leaders in the food industry and has more than 235 thousand employees worldwide. It has a diversified product portfolio with dozens of recognized brands worldwide. It operates in sectors related to its core busine...
/Our-Story/Our-members/JBS-Couros-S-A-(c-o-Wonder-Best-Holing-Co-Ltd) 4/24/2020 6:08:35 AM
Volga Tannery is one of the largest tanneries in Russia. It is a modern production facility allowing to supply the customers with the products of required quality and in guaranteed volumes. The plant was founded in 1730 as tanning manufacturing works of merchant Savin, and it ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/JSC-Volga-Tannery 8/3/2020 8:18:21 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/K2 4/24/2020 6:08:37 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/K2-(2) 4/24/2020 6:08:38 AM
KKSK International (Tannery: KKSK Tanning Co Pvt Ltd), is an Enterprising specialising in the Manufacture and Export of Premium Calf & Cow Leathers. We are LWG Gold Rated, ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified with over 3 decades of Expertise in Indian Raw Materials. Established in the...
/Our-Story/Our-members/K2-(1) 4/24/2020 6:08:38 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/K2-(3) 4/24/2020 6:08:40 AM
Established in 1979, Kuo Yuen Tannery has spent the last 40+ years establishing itself as one of the most respected and trusted suppliers in the split leather industry.   During this time, Kuo Yuen has expanded its operation from a single tannery in Taiwan to having three lo...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Kuo-Yuen 4/24/2020 6:08:36 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Lamipel 4/24/2020 6:08:35 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Lanxess-Deutschland-GmbH-(2) 4/24/2020 6:08:39 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Kings-International 4/24/2020 6:08:41 AM
KHAWAJA Tanneries exemplify the best in technological and innovative excellence in leather production. Incorporated in 1935, and having completed more than 7 decades of successful operations. KTM is a mother unit of the “MAHMOOD GROUP” having a yearly turnover of US $30 Millio...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Khawaja-Tanneries-(Pvt)-Ltd 6/30/2020 8:32:12 AM
For 83 years, Law Tanning Company has produced fine leathers in the United States. As a fourth-generation American owned and operated leather producer, it is our goal to deliver a quality product to our customers year after year. The Law family began tanning splits in 1936 in ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/LAW-TANNING-COMPANY,-LLC 4/24/2020 6:08:40 AM
LEATHER AGE enters 42 years of Global Service! Forty one years ago, a magazine was born in Calcutta – India in 1978 founded by my Late Father Dwarka Das Luthra in the name of  LEATHER AGE  and it was committed to excellence in journalism in the field of Leather, Footwear &...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Leather-Age 4/24/2020 6:08:41 AM
The Leather and Hide Council of America (LHCA) was established in 2020 following the merger of two of the U.S.’ oldest industry associations, the United States Hide, Skin and Leather Association, founded in 1979, and the Leather Industries of America, founded in 1917. The resu...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Leather-Industries-of-America 4/24/2020 6:09:29 AM
Everything under one roof   LANXESS Leather business unit, is an innovation leader in sustainability and offers a complete portfolio for processing from raw hide to finished leather. We develop innovative and sustainable solutions in close cooperation with our customers ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Lanxess-Deutschland-GmbH 4/24/2020 6:08:35 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Lanxess-Deutschland-GmbH-(1) 4/24/2020 6:08:38 AM
Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop are the names behind the brand Peterson & Stoop - a duo that is taking a pioneering and sustainable approach to footwear production and design.
/Latest/Featured-Articles/Featured-Articles/Peterson-Stoop 2/28/2020 12:00:00 AM
The Leather Engineers and Technologists’ Society was founded in 1989 and registered with the appropriate body of the Government of Bangladesh. It has now 1225 active members and the numbers of members are increasing once the graduates come out from the Institute of Leather Eng...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Leather-Engineers-and-Technology-Society 4/24/2020 6:08:39 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Leather-International 4/24/2020 6:09:35 AM
Leather Quimica SLU is a company that forms part of the Mathiesen group and is devoted to the production and marketing of chemical products for the tanning industry. Our team of professionals is formed by people with extensive experience in the industry who are well-acquainted...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Leather-Quimica 4/24/2020 6:09:40 AM
Leather UK is committed to protecting the unique identity of leather as a sustainable and beautiful product and working together as one united sector to promote the UK leather brand at home and abroad.   The UK leather industry manufactures a diverse range of world class q...
/Our-Story/Our-members/UK-Leather-Federation 4/24/2020 6:09:32 AM
Heinen tannery is located in Germany since 1891. The focus of the family owned production is targeted towards technical shoe upper and handbag leather. German and European bull hides are bought fresh from local dealers and turned into mostly full aniline leather for high end c...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Lederfabrik-Josef-Heinen-GemH-Co-KG 4/24/2020 6:09:29 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Lederfabrik-Josef-Heinen-GemH-Co-KG-(1) 4/24/2020 6:09:33 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Lederfabrik-Josef-Heinen-GemH-Co-KG-(3) 4/24/2020 6:09:38 AM
Our goal is to be a world leader in bovine & ovine hides and skins by focusing on customer satisfaction through product excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibilities. Sustainability is a key focus for our business at an operational level and through the company’s ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Lowe-Corporation 9/13/2022 12:45:00 PM
Thanks to its quality, service and culture of constant innovation, Lefarc has gained the confidence of customers around the world as well as a high number of recognitions and certifications. Lefarc is approaching to become the most sustainable tannery in Mexico. Their solar ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/LEFARC 4/24/2020 6:09:41 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Made-in-Mongolia-BV 12/21/2020 3:15:09 PM
We are producer of sustainable Leather from Calf and Sheepskin for shoes and Bags
/Our-Story/Our-members/SICONTACT-COMPANY-SARL 4/29/2021 10:04:59 AM
Environmental, Social and Economic responsibility are essential components for a sustainable industry. Our mission is to support the global leather value chain to learn, improve and protect for future generations, through the People ~ Planet ~ Profit principle. At the heart ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Sustainable-Leather-Foundation 12/13/2021 9:59:32 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Swedish-Tanners-Association 12/13/2021 10:14:53 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Lederfabrik-Josef-Heinen-GemH-Co-KG-(2) 4/24/2020 6:09:38 AM
The top names in fashion, luggage and leather goods, footwear and saddle-making appreciate the know-how and advanced technical skills of his traditional craft sector, in addition to the attention to quality and beauty of which the Eichhoffen tannery near Barr is a showcase.  
/Our-Story/Our-members/Tanneries-HAAS 3/25/2021 10:38:58 AM
Preserving expertise, local and regional production, protection of natural resources, animal well-being, short supply chains, respect for the value chain: companies in the leather sector, whether major groups, SMEs or middle-market companies, are already implementing actions ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Sustainable-Leather-Forum 3/8/2022 2:49:08 PM
STYLE magazines are a reference point for the international fashion system, as they are designed and conceived with the support of experienced trade operators who provide the reader with the most complete and updated overview on fashion trends , new materials, components, a...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Mimosa-Extract-Company-(1) 4/24/2020 6:10:04 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/National-Beef-Leather 4/24/2020 6:09:33 AM
Nick Winters Group is a leading supplier of quality European Hides & Skins since 1992. With operations in France, Ireland, Italy and the UK, we service the most demanding tanneries worldwide. Since 2019, we are part of BIGARD Group,the largest European beef processor (28,0...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Nick-Winters 4/24/2020 6:09:39 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Nothing-to-Hide 4/24/2020 6:09:32 AM
The company has two factories of equal capacity, strategically situated in the main wattle growing areas of South Africa where bark from the Australian Black Wattle tree (Acacia mearnsii) is processed into high concentration tannin products in both solid and powder form.  The ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Mimosa-Extract-Company-(2) 4/24/2020 6:09:39 AM
With over 20 years of experience, Minerva Leather is recognized and respected worldwide in the leather industry for its superior quality and capacity. It is currently one of the main suppliers of leather in Latin America. The Leather Division of Minerva Foods produces more t...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Minerva-Leather 4/24/2020 6:09:39 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/NVLST 4/24/2020 6:09:41 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Gruppo-Mastrotto 4/24/2020 6:09:38 AM
Moore & Giles was founded during the heart of the Great Depression by Donald Graeme Moore. Moore began as a pattern cutter for shoes at Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation in 1906 and worked his way up to the ranks to purchasing when he lost that job in a massive layoff catalyzed...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Moore-Giles,-Inc 7/8/2020 3:39:01 PM
Química Internacional is a supplier of chemicals for the Leather Industry as well as an advisor in the development of new articles. In Spain and from Mexico to Pakistan QIN supports all the companies that request our services.
/Our-Story/Our-members/QUIMICA-INTERNACIONAL-PARA-EL-CURTIDO,-S-L-(QIN) 12/21/2020 2:44:29 PM
QUIMSER was founded in 1966 in the heart of the leather tanning area of Igualada (Barcelona), one of Europe’s most traditional and respected centres of leather industry. Nowadays QUIMSER’s exports account for around two thirds of its current production, supplying customers in ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/QUIMSER-SA-(1) 7/15/2020 10:49:34 AM
Our business is committed to our customers and every season different articles and concepts are developed to satisfy the requirements of each market served.   Tenería Panamericana is member of different associations like: BLC (Leather technology Center ltd), CANALCUR (Nati...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Teneria-Panamericana 10/20/2020 8:19:22 AM
Townsend Leather is known for our passion for leather, luxury, and design. Our design-driven philosophy allows us to offer creative and innovative leathers along with virtually unlimited opportunities for customization. With more than 50 years of experience working with design...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Townsend-Leather 4/8/2021 8:54:46 AM
“Leather is a natural and sustainable product, which is reflected in the way we do business”. Van Oosterum Leder is a company with a rich history. Since the start in 1929, the focus has been on sustainability. In terms of product offering and our relationship with customers, b...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Oukro 4/24/2020 6:09:33 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Oukro-(2) 4/24/2020 6:09:37 AM
The Dutch-owned VanDrie Group is not only the world market leader in veal, but also a company built on the best family traditions. The group is the largest integrated veal producer in the world. Consequently is the Oukro the biggest veal skin producer in the world. Respe...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Oukro-(3) 7/9/2020 9:46:50 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Oukro-(1) 4/24/2020 6:09:36 AM
Pittards was established in Yeovil in 1826 and has a heritage in the development and manufacture of performance leathers that are used by major brands around the world. Due to the technical nature of the leathers, Pittards is usually featured as a named component where it is u...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Pittards-Plc 4/24/2020 6:09:30 AM
PrimeAsia manufactures sustainable and innovative leathers for the global branded footwear, apparel and leather goods markets. PrimeAsia has two LWG gold rated manufacturing sites located in Dong Guan, China and Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam. These manufacturing sites are supported...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Prime-Asia-Leather-Co 4/24/2020 6:09:30 AM
QUIMSER is a family-owned business whose main purpose is to identify customer needs and to translate them into quality chemical products for the leather industry, providing flexible, custom-made and environmental-friendly solutions. QUIMSER was founded in 1966 in the heart o...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Beckman-(4) 4/24/2020 6:09:35 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Raynaud-Jeune 4/24/2020 6:09:40 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Roma-Leather 4/24/2020 6:09:40 AM
Founded in 1941, Sadesa is committed to be the world leader in the tanning and distribution of leather, bringing to its customers: innovation, quality, service and value on a sustainable basis. Recognized as a reliable organization, with opportunity for individual developmen...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Sadesa 4/24/2020 6:09:32 AM
SAMIA, a solid company founded in Arzignano (VI) in 1976, which over the years has become a world leader in the production of pigment pastes and auxiliary products for leather finishing in the sectors of garment, shoe upper, leather goods, upholstery and automotive. An indus...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Samia 4/24/2020 6:09:39 AM
Sarchem Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., is a familiy company founded in 1995 that has been developping and manufacturing waterbased leather and prestige coating chemicals for different materials with the most recent technology in its modern production facilities located in Istan...
/Our-Story/Our-members/A-B-Hides-(5) 4/24/2020 6:09:36 AM
The traditional leather industry is polluting and  energy intensive. Raw skins, often imported from distant countries, have to undergo numerous, lengthy processing operations before reaching the stage of tanned skins, intended for use.  The surplus of downgraded skins is cr...
/Our-Story/Our-members/SARL-SCP-SOCIETE-DE-CUIRS-ET-PEAUX 12/16/2020 1:18:19 PM
Schill & Seilacher, since 1877, one of the oldest suppliers of leather chemicals in the world. Meeting the needs of customers with true innovations, has made us a market leader for sustainable, eco-friendly and highly effective products and processes that work. Part of the ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Schill-Seilacher 7/8/2020 3:51:59 PM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Pro-Leder 8/31/2020 1:25:44 PM
Established in Le Havre, the biggest French harbor, located 2 hours West of Paris. It is in this city that our production site and our Research and Development (R&D) departments are located. This geographical location allows an international presence, technical assistance and ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/SCRD 4/24/2020 6:09:40 AM
Muhammad Shafi Tanneries (Pvt), Ltd., Karachi, Pakistan, established in 1959 popularly as “Shafi” is one of the leading tannery in the country in terms of export performance in leather sector.   MST employs about 700 people and produces about 20 million square feet of leat...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Siddiq-Shafi-Group 4/24/2020 6:09:33 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Silvateam 4/24/2020 6:09:33 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Silvateam-(2) 4/24/2020 6:09:36 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Silvateam-(3) 4/24/2020 6:09:37 AM
About 150 metric tons are processed daily into : wet blue, wet white, wet green, crust, finished leathers for furniture, automotive and aircraft industries, footwear, case leather, special articles such as - kangaroo hides - splits.
/Our-Story/Our-members/Silvateam-(1) 4/24/2020 6:09:34 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/SLTC 4/24/2020 6:09:32 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Spanish-Tanners 4/24/2020 6:09:40 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Stahl-Holding-BV 4/24/2020 6:09:31 AM
Established in 1995, Steel Blue is Australia’s leading supplier of safety boots thanks to a series of clever innovations such as their Trisole® Comfort technology and Ortho® Rebound Footbed, offering premium safety, durability and their unmatched 30-Day 100% Comfort Guarantee....
/Our-Story/Our-members/Stahl-Holding-BV-(1) 4/24/2020 6:09:39 AM
The SÜDLEDER company history began in 1979 in Rehau, northeast Bavaria. Even today, we remain true to our roots, as Rehau offers the perfect logistical prerequisites for raw material supply and delivery of SÜDLEDER products. Tanning has a long tradition in Rehau. The people ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/SUDLEDER 4/24/2020 6:09:33 AM
Scottish Leather Group Limited is the largest manufacturer of leather in the United Kingdom. The Group comprises of four leather manufacturing subsidiaries: Andrew Muirhead & Son, Bridge of Weir Leather Company, W. J. and W. Lang and NCT Leather. The member companies of the Gr...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Scottish-Leather-Group 4/24/2020 6:09:31 AM
Royal Smit & Zoon develops and produces sustainable chemical solutions for the leather industry and has, since the start in 1821, grown into a worldwide renowned player. Smit and Codyeco, two of our subsidiaries, are household names in wet-end and finishing. Since October 2020...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Smit-Zoon-Smit-Finishing 4/24/2020 6:09:31 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/TANAC-S-A 4/24/2020 6:09:31 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Tannery-of-the-Future 4/24/2020 1:23:35 PM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Tasman-Tanning 4/24/2020 6:10:06 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Tandy-Leather-(1) 4/24/2020 6:10:03 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Teh-Chang 4/24/2020 6:10:02 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/TFL 4/24/2020 6:10:02 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Teh-Chang-(1) 4/24/2020 6:10:05 AM
Founded in 1846, TESTEX is a globally operating and independent Swiss testing and certification company. In addition to its Swiss headquarters in Zurich, the TESTEX Group has 26 branches worldwide. As a member of the OEKO-TEX® association since 1993, TESTEX offers companies ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/TESTEX-AG 4/24/2020 6:10:06 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/TILA-Taiwanese-International-Leather-Association 4/24/2020 1:27:52 PM
Tong Hong Tannery (TH) is one of the largest and most respected global suppliers of split leather.  A strong commitment to customer needs is cultivated from the top, filtering down to all aspects of the business.  This approach helps  ensure a high level of sustained quality, ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Tong-Hong-Tannery 4/24/2020 6:10:03 AM
Trevino Leather/Curtidos Trevino is one of the most important leather tanneries in Mexico with over 80 years history. Trevino manufactures leathers for different industries including the automotive industry, the aeronautic industry, the furniture upholstery industry and the ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Beckman-(2) 4/24/2020 6:10:02 AM
Established in 1868, Trumpler recently celebrated 150 years of family ownership and is inherently committed to a sustainable future for its customers, employees, community and suppliers. This approach has been achieved organically, through innovative product development, techn...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Trumpler 4/24/2020 6:10:02 AM
Turkish Leather Industrialists’ Association (TLIA) is a non-governmental organisation established in 1927. TLIA is the only national association connected with tanning industry in Turkey. Aim of the association is to gather tanners and to contribute to the development of the i...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Turkish-Leather-Industrialists-Association 4/24/2020 6:10:06 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Tyson 4/24/2020 6:10:01 AM
It is a member of Confindustria, Cotance the European Confederation of Tanners and ICT the International Council of Tanners. The Italian tanning industry employs 17,612 people in about 1,200 companies. It's annual turnover is5 billion Euros and it has always been considered to...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Italian-Tanners-Association 4/24/2020 6:10:06 AM
ICLT is delighted to have moved to new facilites at the University’s recently built Waterside campus, located in the heart of Northampton.  Welcoming students to the on-site tannery, laboratories and teaching facilities, ICLT is proud to deliver world class leather education, ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/University-of-Northampton-Institute-for-Creative-L 4/24/2020 6:10:02 AM
“Leather is a natural and sustainable product, which is reflected in the way we do business”. Van Oosterum Leder is a company with a rich history. Since the start in 1929, the focus has been on sustainability. In terms of product offering and our relationship with customers, b...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Oukro-(4) 7/9/2020 9:52:34 AM
The company iniciated it's activities as a Wet Blue bovine leather producer for the international market. In 2005 amidst a new business expansion, Vancouros started producing leather prepared after the tanning process - also known as "crust" or "semi-finished" - which has un...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Vancouros 4/24/2020 6:10:04 AM
The VDL is your competent contact for the following services: Point of contact for and organisation of expert committees in the industry Politico-economic and business management matters Information on industry statistics and market data Organisation of pre-competitive l...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Wollsdorft-Leder-Schmidt-co-Ges-m-b-H-(2) 4/24/2020 6:10:04 AM
Vitelco Leather is a Netherlands based Tannery and a member of PALI Group. Key at Vitelco Leather is the fully integrated, sustainable supply chain which starts with a young calf and goes all the way up to delicious veal and beautiful leather.  Purchasing A top product st...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Vitelco-Leather 6/8/2020 2:28:04 PM
Leath3R it's a leather brand created by We Are Srl, an Italian company incorporated in 2008 with a focus on reseach and development of leather materials for footwear and leather goods.  Together with our certified supply chain, we are continuously looking for new solutions t...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Company-We-Are 4/24/2020 6:10:05 AM

/Our-Story/Our-members/Wollsdorft-Leder-Schmidt-co-Ges-m-b-H-(4) 7/23/2020 11:57:55 AM
The Wollsdorf Leather Group, employing about 1,200 staff worldwide, is one of the leading international leather manufacturers, producing high-quality leather for the international automotive, furniture and aircraft industries. More than 80 years at the service for our custom...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Wollsdorf-Leder 4/24/2020 6:10:00 AM
Wolverine Leathers is the global leader of Performance Leather derived from pigskin. Wolverine Leathers offers pigskin leathers with an array of performance features, colors, weights, and varieties. We work with designers, developers and sourcing specifiers to determine the be...
/Our-Story/Our-members/wolverine-world-wide-leather 4/24/2020 6:10:02 AM
World Leather has been providing insight into and in-depth coverage of the global leather sector for almost 35 years and is as passionate about the industry as tanners, finished-product manufacturers and all the talented companies that make up the entire leather supply chain. ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Leather-International-(1) 4/24/2020 6:10:03 AM
World Trading Leather Leather Sourcing Expertise, Technical Consultation, Global Sales Service
/Our-Story/Our-members/World-Leather-Trading 11/30/2020 9:13:23 AM
Founded in Busan in 1980, Young IL Leather Co. Ltd. is a worldwide recognized leather manufacturer, producing water-based PU coated and suede split as well as a wide range of full grain leathers. We operate two state-of-the-art tanneries strategically located in Vietnam and ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Youngil 4/24/2020 6:10:07 AM
The World Footwear Yearbook is a eport that analyses the most important trends within the worldwide footwear industry. In the most recent edition, published in 2021, data for 2020, both in quantity and value, is available, making it possible to position the main players with ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/World-Footwear 12/15/2020 2:01:50 PM
Walter Reginald is London’s leading leather supplier. Since 1948, our family-run business has been stocking and supplying leather to big brands, independent firms, retailers and direct to consumers. Our wide range of finished leathers, suedes, sheepskins and exotics are ide...
/Our-Story/Our-members/WALTER-REGINALD-GROUP-LTD 2/4/2022 11:12:03 AM
VIPOSA started its activities on 1954 and since its foundation is committed to the most comprehensive socio-environmental practices with respect to the correct and efficient usage of environmental resources, raw materials traceability and appreciation of its employees. All o...
/Our-Story/Our-members/VIPOSA 3/16/2022 11:07:30 AM
Our mission is to offer brands and manufacturers a wide range of the most competitive leathers available in the market with quality and timely delivery no matter where your factory base is located. We currently have offices in China, United States and Brazil, and associated o...
/Our-Story/Our-members/UNITED-ONE-LEATHERS 10/11/2022 12:45:06 PM
Zschimmer & Schwarz is a global supplier of chemical auxiliaries and specialities headquartered in Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany. The family business was founded in Chemnitz in 1894 and is positioned across industries with different business divisions. The company develops, ...
/Our-Story/Our-members/Zschimmer-Schwarz-GmbH-Co-KG-Chemische-Fabriken 4/24/2020 6:10:01 AM


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